business cards perth: How Business Cards Came to Be?

In the 21st Century, business cards still play a vital role in the daily jive of business and life but how others treat this piece of paper may reflect on where the person comes from. It is said that in the West, business cards are sometimes treated with no consequence or formality in handling. It is just treated as an internationally accepted way of exchanging information that could be useful for business.

There are established formats with regards to business cards.Business cards are treated in a serious manner in some Asian countries. It is treated like an extension of the person or the individual and thus, must be handled with honor and respect.

In many parts of the world, it is believed that handing the business card with a left hand is a sign of ill manners and rudeness, along with quickly putting the card away. The card should be glanced upon briefly and be tucked away in a gentle manner.

The card represents the owner; the card should be maintained in pristine condition and must be stored properly in order to mirror respect and how the card is to be received. The card should contain the name, title, company and the contact details should be included. There are companies which you can contact online in order to make a business card for you. You might want to try business card perth to have your card custom made.

Here is a brief history of the business card as we know it today;

  • 17th Century Europe
    • It is known that business cards were first introduced in Europe during the 17th Century, in order to announce the arrival of aristocrats and nobles
  • 19th Century
    • Social cards were collected from every visitor during their first visit to a house, this is in order for the lady of the house to review it before a meeting or gathering began


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