Degree Vs. Diploma: What Are Their Differences?

There are some who are mistaking that once you have a diploma, it means you also hold a degree. However, this is just a misconception because high school diploma can’t tell your degree. Plus, you can earn a diploma as well without even getting a degree. Pretty confusing? Let me clear it up for you.


Apparently, there are institutions out there who provides a diploma for finishing higher eahep education even without a degree. Just like EAHED, who provides that kind of service. But, in terms of understanding the difference between the two, here are some qualities that you can compare and be able to distinguish.

Comparing Degree And Diploma

  • As it was mentioned, diplomas serve as your ultimate credibility to enter a job. It’s a proof of being able to pursue higher education and you finished it, even without the degree, which is more on specialization
  • Earning diploma can be faster than earning a degree. Usually, college degrees take about 4 to 5 years to complete. Meanwhile, diplomas can be earned in just 2 years through the help of some institutions that you can find usually online.
  • Degrees takes longer time because you are being equipped in various fields connected with your major to enhance your knowledge and idea about the subject. On the other hand, diplomas earned can be general or specific enough to pinpoint only one and be able to provide them the necessary skills they might need for it.
  • In terms of qualifications and opportunities, diplomas can be a bit limited compared to degree holdersbut can pretty much have the same in terms of payment or wage. Though, some companies might prefer degrees over diplomas depending on the qualifications they are looking for. If you have luck, you can find it on the first company you applied for.


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